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Chester Brown 2011

1.Sad Song
3. Backin’ In
4.Take it Back
5.The Same
6.Whiskey in Heaven
7.She’s With Another Guy
8.Other Side
10.Dance Like a Devil
11.Too Blind to See
12.Astral Projection
13.When My Angel Came to Cry


also available for mp3 download at



Musicians : Tim Vanderlin (Vocals/Guitar), Nate Vanderlin (Vocals/Keyboards, Dominic Puglisi (Vocals/Bass), Mike Kneeland (Guitars/Mandolin), Tony Dellumo (Drums), Produced by Brent Burnhardt & Chester Brown





Chester Brown - Stale Cigarettes
(1st studio album) 2006
1. Lighter Days
2. Point of View
3. Blinders On
4.Come Over
5. Day. Dream. Song.
6. Stale Cigarettes
7. Eyes of a Fool
8. Own Way Home
9. Modern Day Slavery
10. Just You and Me
11. Stay Tuned



Musicians : Tim Vanderlin (Vocals/Guitar), Nate Vanderlin (Vocals/Keyboards, Dominic Puglisi (Vocals/Bass), Dan Moore (Drums/Vocals) : Produced by : Rick Watson




Chester Brown - Live
(1st live album) Recorded Live at the Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, IN 12/29/07 & 3/8/08
1. Ernas Head
2. To Blind to See
3. Point of View
4. Schwabs
5. Stale Cigarettes
6. Lighter Days
7. Dance Like a Devil
8. Stay Tuned
9. Just Like Me
10. Own Way Home

also available for mp3 download at




You can also purchase and download this album from DigStation - click here

Musicians: Tim Vanderlin (Vocals/Guitar), Nate Vanderlin (Vocals/Keyboaric Puds, Dominglisi (Vocals/Bass), Mike Kneeland (Guitar), Dan Moore (Drums/Vocals) : Produced by Rick Watson





Chester Brown Moon Tee


Front : Chester Brown Face in Moon

Back : "If I Were the King of My Own Universe I'd Make It Peaceful You'd See" -"Hide" quote: Tim Vanderlin

Color : Navy w/ white graphic

Sizes : Sm (limited supply), Med, Large, X Large

.Price : $20




Chester Brown Knitted Cap


Colors Include : Green, Navy, and Grey



ACB Films presents Band in a Jam. 2009-2011

What are the odds of a band making it in modern rock-n-roll?

As it turns out, they're staggering. See just how long and difficult the road to success can be in the documentary A Band in a Jam. The film chronicles the struggles of Chester Brown, a jam band out of northern Indiana, as they pursue a musical career while still having to pay the bills at home. Watch the band play a seemingly endless string of bar venues, culminating in their very first outdoor festival which they completely managed themselves. With commentary from industry professionals and a statistics professor along the way, you'll see how hard it can be to choose between chasing your dream and taking care of your loved ones.

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